Boston Dynamics’ Spot has become a familiar face in the world of robotics, known for its impressive capabilities and sometimes unsettling movements. However, the company recently introduced a new character into the mix – Sparkles. This new addition to the team is essentially another Spot robot dressed in a big blue dog suit, adding a fun and humorous element to the robotic world.

One interesting aspect of Boston Dynamics’ recent showcase of Spot and Sparkles is the use of their “Choreographer” software. This software allows non-technical users to easily create choreography for the robots without needing a deep understanding of the technical aspects of Spot’s systems. By using a timeline feature and placeable “blocks”, users can create complex dance routines with relative ease.

Boston Dynamics has also announced plans to release an animation API in future versions of the software. This API will enable users to create custom sequences of movements using 3D animation tools and integrate them into Choreographer scripts. This opens up exciting possibilities for the creative use of Spot and Sparkles in a variety of performances and entertainment settings.

The Lighter Side of Robotics

While Boston Dynamics’ robots are known for their advanced technology and impressive capabilities, the introduction of Sparkles and the Choreographer software showcase a lighter and more playful side of robotics. The use of costumes, dance routines, and user-friendly software creates a fun and engaging experience for both creators and audiences alike.

Looking Ahead

As Boston Dynamics continues to explore the intersection of robotics, art, and entertainment, we can expect to see more playful and creative uses of their robots in the future. Whether it’s Spot and Sparkles dancing to new choreography or exploring new applications for the Choreographer software, the possibilities are endless. So, stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of Boston Dynamics and their lovable robots.


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