Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, known for his work on the Transformers franchise, recently hinted at the potential crossover between Transformers and GI Joe. While discussing the future of the two beloved franchises, di Bonaventura mentioned that the focus is on integrating GI Joe characters into the Transformers world rather than creating a mashup of the two. This deliberate approach aims to gradually introduce elements of GI Joe into the upcoming live-action Transformers movie set to release in 2026.

Despite the perceived dormancy of the GI Joe franchise, di Bonaventura expressed interest in bringing back a standalone GI Joe movie in the future. This revelation indicates a growing desire to expand the GI Joe universe on the big screen, especially following the underwhelming performance of the recent Snake Eyes film. While no concrete plans have been confirmed, the potential for a new GI Joe movie alongside the Transformers projects hints at an exciting future for both franchises.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the upcoming animated film, Transformers One, set to premiere this summer. This prequel to the live-action Transformers films takes place on Cybertron and features Chris Hemsworth as the voice of Optimus Prime. Di Bonaventura explained that the decision to make the film animated was both practical and creatively exciting, as it allowed the team to explore a new storyline that would have been challenging to execute in live action. The movie promises to deliver a fresh perspective on the Transformers universe, appealing to long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Di Bonaventura’s foray into the Marvel universe with Madame Web marks an intriguing development in his career as a producer. Collaborating with Sony for only the third time, di Bonaventura’s involvement in a Marvel project may seem unexpected, considering his extensive experience in blockbuster filmmaking. However, the opportunity came about through director SJ Clarkson’s interest in working with him. Despite initially offering Clarkson multiple projects that were turned down, di Bonaventura found himself drawn to Madame Web through their shared vision for the film.

Through these upcoming projects and collaborations, it is evident that di Bonaventura is constantly exploring new horizons within the realm of blockbuster entertainment. The intersection of Transformers, GI Joe, and Marvel demonstrates his versatility as a producer, willing to navigate diverse genres and universes to deliver compelling storytelling to audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly anticipate the future of these legendary franchises, di Bonaventura’s creative vision and strategic approach set the stage for an exciting cinematic journey ahead.


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