Bohemia Interactive, the developers behind renowned military simulation series Arma and the zombie survival game DayZ, have finally decided to bring their game Vigor to the PC platform. Despite having a strong presence on consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, the PC gaming community was left in the dark for more than half a decade regarding the release of Vigor. However, the wait is now over as Vigor is set to enter early access on Steam next month.

Vigor is set in a post-apocalyptic Norway in an alternate nineties, where players take on the role of survivors known as Outlanders. These Outlanders are affiliated with various factions, both military and non-military, navigating the wasteland of the Outlands in search of resources and engaging in encounters with rival groups. The game features various modes such as Shootout deathmatches, team Elimination battles, and Loot Events where players can gather resources to upgrade their shelter and craft better weapons.

Bohemia Interactive has decided to launch Vigor into early access on Steam, with players having the option to purchase a Reinforcements Pack for $20. This pack provides early access to the game, along with bonus weapons, exclusive cosmetics, consumable items, and other rewards. The early access phase is expected to last for around three months, allowing developers to receive feedback from players and make necessary improvements before the full free-to-play release.

Adapting Vigor for PC presented significant challenges for Bohemia Interactive, who emphasized the importance of early feedback in refining the game. The decision to release Vigor in early access was driven by the need to address issues and challenges specific to the PC platform. The developers acknowledged the long-awaited release on PC and the numerous requests from the gaming community to bring Vigor to the platform.

One of the major updates to Vigor for the PC release is an overhaul to the game’s gunplay mechanics. This aspect of the game will be thoroughly tested during the early access phase to ensure a seamless gaming experience for players. The exact release date for Vigor on Steam is yet to be announced, but it is expected to transition into a fully free-to-play title with cross-play functionality across consoles by the end of summer.

The arrival of Vigor on the PC platform marks a significant milestone for Bohemia Interactive and the gaming community. The game’s unique survival shooter gameplay, set in a post-apocalyptic Norway, offers players a chance to explore and thrive in a challenging wasteland environment. With the promise of early access on Steam and upcoming updates to enhance the gameplay experience, Vigor is poised to captivate PC gamers and deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.


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