My limited exposure to flight simulators may not have been the best, but the idea of navigating a paper plane in a “semi-open world paper plane adventure” like Paper Sky seems intriguing. The game, developed by Brute Force, allows players to start as a discarded note that transforms into a paper plane, gliding effortlessly through the skies. The transition between the ball and the plane adds a layer of versatility to the gameplay, providing different options for movement. Despite the game’s departure from realistic physics, there is still a need for precision in handling the plane to avoid crashing into obstacles. The integration of wind gusts to increase speed adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, reminiscent of other movement-heavy indie games like Wavetale.

Paper Sky offers a visually vibrant environment that contrasts with the traditional grayscale of office spaces. The colorful landscapes and fantastical locales in the game’s trailer promise an immersive experience for players. Coupled with a captivating soundtrack that intensifies as players gain speed, Paper Sky provides a rewarding sensory experience that enhances the gameplay. The incorporation of interactive elements like writing your note at the beginning of the game adds a personalized touch to the overall experience, making it more engaging for players.

While my initial impressions of Paper Sky are positive, the game’s future success relies on the outcome of its Kickstarter campaign, which coincided with the release of the demo. Brute Force aims for a full release by the end of 2025, providing ample time for further development and refinement of the game. The potential for expanding the game’s world and introducing new challenges suggests a promising future for Paper Sky. As a player intrigued by the concept of navigating a paper plane through interactive landscapes, I am eager to see how the game evolves and how players respond to its unique gameplay mechanics.

Exploring the world of Paper Sky offers a refreshing break from traditional gaming experiences. With its charming visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and promising development trajectory, Paper Sky has the potential to carve out a niche in the indie gaming scene. As the game progresses towards its full release, I look forward to embarking on more adventures in this whimsical paper plane world.


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