WitchHand, a new game released this week, offers a unique twist on the survival village builder genre. While similar to Stacklands in its card-stacking mechanics, WitchHand focuses on the development of your own witches coven. The game presents a novel concept where everything is represented as a card, from resources to spells, making it a visually engaging experience.

In WitchHand, players stack cards to perform various actions within the game. This includes tasks such as resource exploration, spell research, and more. As progress bars complete, players are rewarded with additional cards, adding to the complexity of their society. This abstraction of gameplay mechanics simplifies the often intricate 4X genre, offering a more accessible experience to players.

Unlike survival-focused games like Stacklands, WitchHand introduces witchy elements to the gameplay. The witching hour, which occurs every evening, enhances your witch’s powers but also presents challenges from enemies. Additionally, the game features different types of witches, each with unique abilities. From production-focused Celestial Witches to combat-ready Chaos Witches, players have a variety of options to customize their coven.

For players seeking a more relaxed experience, WitchHand offers a peaceful mode that focuses less on conquest and more on creativity. This mode appeals to those looking for a soothing gameplay experience without the pressure of constant battles. The inclusion of this mode adds versatility to the game and caters to a wider audience.

WitchHand is currently available on Steam for £9/$10.79/€10.61, providing players with an affordable entry point to this unique gaming experience. Whether you are a fan of the witchy theme or enjoy city-building games with a twist, WitchHand offers something for everyone.

Overall, WitchHand presents an innovative take on the village builder genre, combining card-stacking mechanics with witchcraft elements. With its engaging gameplay, diverse witch characters, and peaceful mode option, WitchHand is a game worth exploring for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.


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