Walton Goggins, known for his role as The Ghoul in the Fallout TV show, recently shared some surprising details about the filming locations for the series. While many fans have praised Goggins’ performance, he revealed that some of the outdoor scenes were shot in Namibia, specifically on the Skeleton Coast in an abandoned diamond mine.

In a recent Instagram post, Goggins explained that filming in the diamond mine presented some unique challenges. He mentioned that they were not allowed to touch the ground too much as the area is still owned by someone and diamonds can still be found scattered on the ground. Despite the rugged conditions, Goggins humorously shared that he was caught by the photographer attempting to find a diamond without using his hands.

Aaron Moten, who portrays the Brotherhood character Maximus in the show, also commented on the filming experience in Namibia. He described the set as truly desolate and shared how it helped him immerse himself in the story and connect with his fellow cast members on a deeper level. The authenticity of the location added a layer of realism to their performances.

The choice to film in real locations like the abandoned diamond mine in Namibia added a unique authenticity to the Fallout TV show. Rather than relying solely on CGI or elaborate set designs, the production team sought out locations that already resembled the post-apocalyptic wasteland depicted in the series. This decision not only enhanced the visual appeal of the show but also allowed the actors to fully embody their characters in a believable environment.

The revelation of the filming locations for the Fallout TV show offers fans a deeper insight into the creative process behind the series. Walton Goggins and Aaron Moten’s comments shed light on the unconventional and immersive filming experience in Namibia. By choosing to film in real locations with rich histories, the show’s creators were able to capture a sense of authenticity that resonates with both the cast and audience members. The exploration of unique filming locations adds another layer of complexity to the already captivating world of Fallout.


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