Square Enix has recently hinted at the possibility of Final Fantasy 14 being playable on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P, the director and producer of Final Fantasy 14, expressed his desire for players to have access to the game regardless of the platform. In an interview with Easy Allies, Yoshida mentioned that bringing the popular MMO to Nintendo’s new console has been a goal for over a decade.

Past Success on Other Platforms

Yoshida highlighted the successful launch of Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox, emphasizing that it took years of discussions before the game was finally available on Microsoft’s consoles. He acknowledged that while the team would love to see the game on Nintendo platforms, the process might take some time, similar to the experience with Xbox. Despite the challenges, Yoshida reassured fans that the team is committed to making it happen.

Continued Efforts and Future Plans

The director promised to “try their best” and continue working hard to bring Final Fantasy 14 to the Nintendo Switch successor. He acknowledged that seeing the game on a portable platform like the Switch would be exciting and something that Square Enix is eager to explore. While it may not be an immediate reality, the team is dedicated to making it happen eventually.

The potential for Final Fantasy 14 to be playable on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 opens up new possibilities for fans of the popular MMO. Yoshida’s commitment to making the game available on various platforms highlights Square Enix’s dedication to ensuring that players can enjoy their favorite titles regardless of the device. As we await further updates on this exciting development, fans can look forward to the prospect of experiencing Final Fantasy 14 on the go, possibly on the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor.


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