Fans of Final Fantasy 14 have been eagerly awaiting the release of the next expansion, Dawntrail. The highly anticipated expansion is set to launch in early access on June 28th, followed by a full release on July 2nd. The official announcement was made by Producer Yoshi P at PAX East.

Interestingly, the release date of Dawntrail coincides with another highly anticipated RPG, Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion, which is set to release on June 21st. Yoshi-P humorously mentioned that initially, they had wanted to release Dawntrail a week earlier but decided to give players some time to enjoy the Elden Ring DLC before diving into their summer vacation with Dawntrail.

It is refreshing to see game developers like Yoshi-P openly acknowledge and appreciate other games in the industry. He has previously expressed his admiration for Blizzard games and even mentioned his interest in a possible Diablo crossover. This shows a level of humility and genuine passion for games beyond his own creations.

While I may not be deeply versed in Final Fantasy lore, I can appreciate the excitement surrounding the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. The decision to push back the release date to allow players to enjoy Elden Ring’s DLC demonstrates a thoughtful and considerate approach to the gaming community. Yoshi-P’s openness about his love for games further cements his connection with players and shows that game developers are not just creators but also avid gamers themselves. I am intrigued to see how Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion will be received by both dedicated fans and newcomers to the series.


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