The upcoming sequel to Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, titled Space Marine 2, is set to feature a player-versus-player multiplayer mode, as revealed in an art book preview. This new mode will be similar to the team-based battles of the original game, where players could choose between Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines across different classes.

According to the leaked information from The Art and Making of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, players will have the opportunity to select from various Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine chapters. This includes iconic factions such as the World Eaters, Death Guard, and Black Legion. Additionally, players will have the ability to customize their banners and form clans within the multiplayer mode.

In addition to the PvP multiplayer mode, Space Marine 2 will also include a hub area for upgrading the protagonist, Lieutenant Titus, and selecting missions for both the single-player and cooperative campaign. The game will introduce new enemies such as the Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines, along with accompanying bosses. Players can look forward to utilizing a variety of weapons and vehicles to combat these foes and achieve victory.

Originally scheduled for a 2023 release, Space Marine 2 has now been slated to launch this September. Despite not being a die-hard fan of the Warhammer 40k universe, many gamers who have cherished memories of the first game are eagerly awaiting the sequel. The prospect of returning to the world of Space Marine and engaging in intense chainsword-bolter action after more than a decade is a compelling one.

The revelations regarding the multiplayer features in Space Marine 2 have generated excitement among fans of the series. With the promise of new gameplay elements, expanded customization options, and a revamped multiplayer experience, the upcoming sequel is poised to deliver a fresh and engaging Warhammer 40k experience for players old and new alike.


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