The controversy surrounding PSN account requirements for PC games published by PlayStation has been a hot topic among gamers. The uproar started with Helldivers 2 and quickly spread to other PlayStation-published PC games, forcing developers to reconsider their approach.

Sucker Punch, the developer behind Ghost of Tsushima, has now clarified its plans for PSN requirements in the PC port of the game. In response to a PC player who canceled their pre-order in protest, Sucker Punch stated that a PSN account is only required for the Legends online multiplayer mode and to use the PlayStation overlay. Playing the single-player game does not necessitate a PSN account.

Ghost of Tsushima is set to be the first Sony-published PC game to offer access to PSN features such as trophies and friends lists. While these features may be appealing to players already in the PlayStation ecosystem, PC players have traditionally been resistant to forced account sign-ups from non-PC sources. Sony’s expansion into PC gaming aims to attract more PSN users, but it is reassuring to see the removal of requirements for single-player mode and clear communication before launch.

The backlash against PSN requirements had a significant impact on Helldivers 2, with players expressing their disapproval on Steam. The response was so overwhelming that Steam revised its refund policy to accommodate players who had logged over 100 hours in the game. This shift highlights the power of community feedback in influencing developers and publishers.

The controversy surrounding PSN account requirements in PC games underscores the importance of clear communication and player feedback. Sucker Punch’s response to concerns about Ghost of Tsushima demonstrates a willingness to listen to the community and adapt accordingly. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for developers to prioritize player satisfaction and accessibility in their decisions.


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