There have been recent rumors circulating that Google may be planning to introduce a safety feature on its upcoming Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold smartphones that is similar to Apple’s Emergency SOS feature. According to leaks from Kamila Wojciechowska, who writes for Android Authority, Google is reportedly partnering with T-Mobile to offer this feature initially, with the possibility of adding other providers later on.

If these rumors are to be believed, Google’s SOS feature would require Pixel owners to answer a series of questions to determine the nature of the emergency they are facing, similar to how Apple’s system operates. This would be aimed at efficiently gathering essential information from users rather than relying on them to provide details manually.

Reports suggest that Google will use a visual animation to guide users in aligning their phones with a satellite signal. Some of the questions that the feature may ask users include inquiries about the nature of the emergency, the number of people involved, the presence of any weapons, and the type of vehicle or vessel in use.

Potential Partnerships

While T-Mobile has been named as the initial partner for this feature, there were also indications that Google may have been exploring collaborations with Garmin for satellite messaging services. Garmin currently offers a similar service through its InReach devices, utilizing the Iridium satellite network to provide coverage across the globe.

Pricing and Accessibility

It is important to note that such a safety feature, whether offered by T-Mobile or Garmin, may come at a cost to users. Garmin, for instance, charges a monthly fee of $15 for its service. However, considering Apple’s subsidy of its own emergency service for now, there is a possibility that Google might follow suit and provide the feature at a reduced or no cost.

The potential introduction of an Emergency SOS feature by Google on its upcoming Pixel phones could be a significant step towards enhancing user safety in emergency situations. By partnering with established providers like T-Mobile and Garmin, Google may be able to offer a reliable and effective solution for users in need of emergency assistance.


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