The Google Pixel 9, 9 Pro, and 9 Pro XL have made an early appearance in leaked images from Rozetked, a surprising five months before the usual October release date. This unexpected preview has left many wondering how and why these devices are already circulating in the world. The regular 9 Pro is especially drawing attention, as it promises to showcase Google’s top-notch camera technology in a more compact form factor.

The leaked images reveal that the Pixel 9 Pro XL appears to be notably taller than Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max. Interestingly, Google seems to have altered the design of the camera setup, which no longer extends across the entire width of the phone. This change marks a significant departure from the previous Pixel models, although the new aesthetic still sets it apart from competitors like Apple and Samsung.

While the standard Pixel 9 will sport a dual-camera system, the Pro version will include an additional lens for telephoto and zoom functionalities. This move suggests that Google is striving to push the boundaries of its camera technology with each new release. The question remains whether this early leak is a deliberate strategy by the company to generate buzz ahead of a potential shift to an earlier release schedule in 2024.

With the images already circulating online, enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating any official announcements from Google, especially during the upcoming Google I/O keynote. It’s possible that the company might offer a teaser for the Pixel 9 series, given that the design details are already public knowledge. Additionally, there is speculation about the whereabouts of the rumored Pixel Fold 2 or Pixel 9 Pro Fold, which have not been featured in the recent leaks.

Midrange Offering

In the midst of the excitement surrounding the Pixel 9 series leaks, Google is also preparing to launch the midrange Pixel 8A this week. Priced at $499, this device is positioned as a more budget-friendly option, albeit with slightly thicker bezels and a less advanced camera setup. Despite the focus on the upcoming flagship devices, the Pixel 8A shouldn’t be overlooked for users seeking a more affordable yet reliable smartphone option.

The leaked images of the Google Pixel 9 series offer an intriguing glimpse into the upcoming lineup of devices. With enhanced camera capabilities, a revised design, and the potential for earlier release dates, Google appears to be gearing up for an exciting year in the smartphone market. As anticipation builds for the official launch, consumers can only wait and see how these leaks will translate into real-world products.


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