The ongoing Major Order in Helldivers 2 has tasked players with eliminating the mechanized Automatons on the western front. However, as players gear up for the weekend’s operation, frequent crashes have become a significant obstacle. Despite the challenges, players have made progress in liberating the planets of Tibit, Maia, and Durgen. With new Gunships and factories entering the battlefield, skepticism was high regarding the chances of success.

Reports of game crashes have plagued Helldivers 2 over the weekend, causing disruptions in gameplay and hindering progress towards completing the Major Order. The problem has been widespread, with many players experiencing being kicked out of missions. The community manager, Twinbeard, has addressed the issue and assured players that a hotfix for the crashes is on the way. However, the fix will not be available during the weekend, posing a challenge for players attempting to complete the operation.

In light of the technical difficulties, Twinbeard has advised players to consider letting the game “rest” for a while to alleviate the frustration caused by crashes. Despite the dedication of Helldivers to following Super Earth’s orders, some players have expressed reluctance to pause gameplay, especially with the Major Order in progress. While the recommendation to take a break may be well-intentioned, the urgency of completing the mission may deter some players from heeding the advice.

Players have responded to the technical challenges with a mix of understanding and humor. Some have expressed willingness to give the game a break to allow for the necessary fixes to be implemented smoothly. Others have found humor in the situation, joking about enemy interference causing the crashes to impede their progress. Despite the setbacks, players remain determined to push through and continue their efforts to liberate Durgen from the Automatons.

While technical challenges have posed obstacles for Helldivers 2 players, the dedication and resilience of the community shine through as they strive to overcome these issues and achieve victory for Super Earth. By working together and supporting one another, players can navigate through the crashes and disruptions to emerge triumphant in the ongoing Major Order operation.


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