In Helldivers 2, players now have access to the Quasar Cannon Stratagem, a powerful heavy laser weapon designed to bring democracy to the battlefield. The newest addition to the game’s arsenal, this cannon unlocks at Level 18 and comes with a hefty cost of 7,500 requisition points. Once charged up, the Quasar Cannon unleashes a devastating laser beam capable of taking out formidable enemies like the shredder tank, hulk, and charger in one shot. What sets this weapon apart is its unlimited ammo and long-range capabilities, making it a versatile choice for players looking to eliminate threats efficiently.

Players have been quick to share their thoughts on the Quasar Cannon, with some going as far as to plead with developer Arrowhead Studios not to nerf the weapon. One enthusiastic player on Reddit described it as “such a democratic weapon it makes me cry,” praising its effectiveness over the previous go-to anti-tank weapon. Another player emphasized the Quasar Cannon’s infinite ammo and stylish appearance, hailing it as the best weapon in the game. However, not all feedback has been entirely positive, as some players have pointed out the weapon’s drawbacks, such as its lengthy charge-up time, which can pose challenges in combat situations involving multiple heavy enemies.

Discussions within the Helldivers community have revolved around the Quasar Cannon’s impact on gameplay and its role alongside existing weapons like the Expendable Anti Tank (EAT). While some players have labeled the weapon as overhyped, others have highlighted its unique strengths that complement the existing arsenal rather than replacing it entirely. The debate around whether the Quasar Cannon is a game-changer or merely a situational choice continues as players explore its capabilities in various missions and scenarios.

With new hints of a major twist looming in Helldivers 2 from Game Master Joel, players may soon face additional challenges that require strategic use of weapons like the Quasar Cannon. As the community anticipates future updates and expansions, the introduction of game-changing elements like this heavy weapon hints at a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience. Whether players will continue to embrace the Quasar Cannon as a staple in their loadouts or discover new strategies to adapt to changing threats remains to be seen. As the battle for democracy rages on in Helldivers 2, the Quasar Cannon stands out as a formidable tool in the fight against alien adversaries.


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