HWInfo64 has long been revered by PC hardware enthusiasts for its comprehensive system monitoring capabilities. However, with the latest beta version introducing on-screen display (OSD) support, HWInfo64 has taken its functionality to a whole new level. Gamers, in particular, will appreciate the convenience of having all their system monitoring needs met in one application, eliminating the need for multiple tools like MSI Afterburner or FRAPS.

One of the standout features of HWInfo64 is its ability to monitor a vast array of system statistics, ranging from GPU temperatures to CPU power consumption. With OSD support, users have the flexibility to choose which specific metrics they want to display in real-time, providing invaluable insights into their system’s performance. While other monitoring apps offer basic OSD functionality, HWInfo64’s extensive monitoring options set it apart from the competition.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the beta version of HWInfo64 does have some room for improvement. The interface, while functional, can feel a bit clunky, and there have been reports of minor issues when switching between windowed and full-screen modes. However, these issues are expected to be ironed out in future updates as the development team continues to refine the software.

One drawback of the free version of HWInfo64 is that OSD monitoring is limited to just five items. While this should be sufficient for most users, those with more specific monitoring needs may find this restriction somewhat limiting. Nevertheless, the ability to easily customize which sensors are being monitored mitigates this limitation to some extent.

The inclusion of OSD support in HWInfo64 represents a significant step forward in system monitoring technology. By leveraging Intel’s PresentMon framework, HWInfo64 can now monitor crucial in-game metrics such as FPS and frame-time with unprecedented accuracy. While this development does come at the cost of Windows XP support, legacy builds of HWInfo64 are still available for those who require it.

HWInfo64’s integration of OSD support is a game-changer for system monitoring enthusiasts. With its unparalleled monitoring capabilities and customizable display options, HWInfo64 solidifies its position as the ultimate tool for keeping tabs on your system’s performance. As the software continues to evolve and improve, it is sure to become an indispensable asset for PC users worldwide.


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