After the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, many players encountered a plethora of issues with the game’s online mode. Aspyr quickly responded by releasing a major update to address these problems. Now, they have rolled out Update II, which brings a host of fixes for various platforms, with specific attention to the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, Aspyr has announced that they are already working on a third major update for the game.

Update II for STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection addresses several issues across all platforms. Some of the key fixes include resolving an audio and visual feedback problem when refreshing the server list, correcting textures that overlapped in the Shield Generator room, improving enemy AI accuracy, and fixing gameplay failures in 64-player matches. The update also addresses brightness issues on various maps, tweaks to the lightsaber visuals, and reduces the intensity of flickering lights on Utapau. Additionally, crashes related to map transitions and character voice lines have been fixed. Furthermore, improvements have been made to connecting to private servers, reducing respawn countdown timer issues, and enhancing stability in public servers.

For Nintendo Switch players, Update II brings specific fixes tailored to the platform. These include addressing a loading screen delay, preventing force close errors when disconnecting wireless controllers, and ensuring smooth transition between tabletop and handheld mode. These adjustments aim to provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players on the Nintendo Switch.

Aspyr has stated that they are already beginning work on Update III for STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection. While details about this upcoming update are scarce at the moment, players are encouraged to continue reporting any bugs, errors, or unexpected behavior they encounter. As Aspyr works on further improving the game, player feedback will be crucial in shaping the future updates and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

If you have not yet experienced the latest updates in STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection, now is the perfect time to jump in and see the improvements for yourself. Whether you play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, the recent updates aim to address various issues and enhance the overall gameplay experience. Share your thoughts on how the updates have impacted your gameplay and whether you have noticed significant improvements since the release of Update II.

The recent updates to STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection showcase Aspyr’s commitment to addressing player feedback and improving the game’s performance across different platforms. With Update II already available and Update III in the works, players can look forward to a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience in the world of Star Wars. Keep an eye out for further updates and continue providing feedback to help shape the future of the game.


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