ININ Games has faced criticism for the release of Irem Collection Volume 1 due to various issues such as achievements not unlocking and quality of life features not functioning properly. This has led the developer to take a step back and reevaluate their release strategy for Volume 2 to ensure a smoother launch.

The official statement released by ININ Games emphasizes their commitment to delivering a product that meets high standards of quality. They want Volume 2 to be free of the issues that plagued the first volume and are working on a patch to address the existing problems. This dedication to perfection is commendable as it shows a willingness to learn from past mistakes and improve the overall player experience.

The decision to postpone the release of Irem Collection Volume 2 is a strategic move to avoid repeating the same errors seen in Volume 1. The team at ININ Games wants to take the necessary time to ensure that the sequel collection is polished and flawless upon release. This delay may disappoint some fans who were eagerly anticipating the next volume, but it ultimately serves the greater good of delivering a better product in the long run.

ININ Games has been transparent with its audience about the postponement, acknowledging the concerns raised by players and assuring them that the delay is in their best interest. By keeping the community informed and engaged, the developer is fostering a sense of trust and understanding among its fan base. This open line of communication is essential for building a strong relationship with players and maintaining their support.

The promise of a “Rapid Fire Patch” to address the issues in Volume 1 and the commitment to delivering a flawless Volume 2 indicates that ININ Games is dedicated to delivering quality products to its customers. While the delay may be disappointing in the short term, it ultimately serves to benefit players by ensuring a better overall experience. The community’s patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated by the development team as they work towards a successful release of Irem Collection Volume 2.


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