Upon revisiting Door Kickers, I realized that I no longer had the patience for its intricate UI and grim scenarios. However, a new game called No Plan B has caught my attention for its promising features and recent release on Steam.

No Plan B offers a mix of close combat tactics, troop coordination on a timeline, and breaching and clearing missions. Players are tasked with assembling a squad, equipping them, and executing synchronized move-and-shoot commands in real-time. The game also provides standalone skirmishes, roguelike campaigns, unlockable weapons and equipment, a map editor, and mod support. The roguelike element adds a high-stakes component to the campaign, requiring players to adapt and strategize on the fly.

One notable feature of No Plan B is its cinematic replay option, allowing players to relive and share successful missions. The 3D character design, while somewhat blandly cartoony, adds a lighthearted element to the intense gameplay. The game’s visuals may help alleviate the weight of its challenging scenarios, making it more palatable for players sensitive to grim content.

No Plan B is currently available on Steam for a discounted price of £11.51/$13.49/€13.31. The game’s official release on April 3rd marks the end of its early access period, bringing a polished and complete experience to players. With its unique blend of tactical gameplay and roguelike elements, No Plan B aims to offer a fresh take on the door-kicking genre.

No Plan B presents an intriguing alternative to Door Kickers with its focus on tactical squad management and real-time combat. While the game may not appeal to all players due to its challenging gameplay and high-stakes campaigns, it offers a unique experience for fans of the genre. With its recent launch on Steam, No Plan B invites players to test their skills and strategic thinking in a fast-paced and immersive setting.


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