Jon Hamm, a veteran actor known for his role as Don Draper on Mad Men, has expressed his desire to join the ranks of actors in the superhero genre. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hamm revealed that he is a self-professed “comic book nerd” and has pitched himself for various roles within the Marvel Universe. His love for comics has driven him to actively seek out opportunities to bring his favorite characters to life on the big screen.

While details of the specific characters Hamm pitched himself for remain undisclosed, he mentioned his passion for a particular comic book story that resonated with him. His eagerness to embody these characters and the enthusiasm he displayed during his pitch meetings with Marvel showcase his dedication to the craft and his commitment to bringing these iconic figures to life.

Admiration for Jeff Goldblum’s Career Path

Drawing inspiration from fellow actor Jeff Goldblum, who made a memorable appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, Jon Hamm shared his aspirations to follow a similar career trajectory. Goldblum’s ability to seamlessly transition between leading man roles, scene-stealing performances in superhero movies, and comedic commercial appearances has left a lasting impact on Hamm.

By emulating Goldblum’s varied and fulfilling career choices, Hamm aims to experience the same level of success and satisfaction in his own professional journey. He admires Goldblum’s ability to bring joy to audiences across different genres and platforms, and seeks to replicate that sense of fulfillment in his own acting career.

Weighing Past Superhero Opportunities

Despite his eagerness to delve into the superhero genre, Jon Hamm disclosed that he had turned down certain superhero roles in the past, including Green Lantern. Reflecting on his decision, Hamm stated that the role did not align with his personal preferences and aspirations, leading him to decline the offer.

While acknowledging the importance of making informed decisions about the roles he takes on, Hamm expressed his openness to exploring future opportunities within both the Marvel and DC universes. His candid approach to discussing his past choices reflects his dedication to selecting roles that align with his artistic vision and creative ambitions.

Jon Hamm’s pursuit of a role in a superhero movie showcases his passion for storytelling and character portrayal. As he continues to engage with major studios like Marvel and DC, Hamm remains committed to finding the perfect role that will allow him to leave a lasting impact on audiences and fulfill his lifelong dream of bringing iconic comic book characters to life on the silver screen.


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