Tomas Sala, the mastermind behind the upcoming game Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, is gearing up to challenge the norms of city builders and strategy games with his innovative approach. While Bulwark is often labeled as a city-building game, it is much more than that. Described as an “open-world builder,” the game introduces a fresh perspective on resource gathering and expansion, a core aspect of city-building games.

Instead of following the traditional method of spending resources to construct buildings, players in Bulwark are tasked with creating connections between various resources and outposts. By sculpting pathways and building spokes between civilization hubs, players navigate a unique gameplay mechanic that sets Bulwark apart from its genre counterparts. The game’s demo is available on Steam for players to experience firsthand, offering a glimpse into a new frontier of strategic building games.

As a solo developer, Sala faces the daunting challenge of launching a game that stands out in a market dominated by established giants. Expressing his apprehension on Twitter, Sala acknowledges the risks involved in presenting such an original and innovative game to the gaming community. Despite the uncertainty, Sala remains committed to his vision, emphasizing the unparalleled nature of his creation. Whether the game is embraced or criticized, Bulwark represents Sala’s passion and dedication to his craft.

Scheduled to launch on March 26th, Bulwark finds itself in direct competition with Ubisoft’s reboot of The Settlers and Paradox Interactive’s release of the 4X title Millennia. Sala questions whether his indie game can challenge the supremacy of these well-established builder and strategy franchises. Drawing a parallel to his previous project, The Falconeer, Sala highlights the distinctiveness of his games within a shared fictional universe. Just as The Falconeer reimagined the essence of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Bulwark promises a fresh take on the spirit of classic city-building games.

Bulwark represents a bold leap into uncharted territory for the city-building and strategy genre. Sala’s vision and creativity have culminated in a game that defies convention and offers players a truly unique gaming experience. As the gaming community awaits the launch of Bulwark, the industry is poised for a potential shift towards more innovative and groundbreaking gaming experiences.


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