The conflict between chip design firm Arm and Qualcomm escalated when Arm filed a lawsuit in the US, demanding that Qualcomm destroy specific Arm-based technologies. Despite the lack of progress in the case, Qualcomm proceeded to use the contested technologies in its Snapdragon X processors, the only chips approved for use in Microsoft’s Copilot+ AI PCs.

The PC industry sees AI as a potential savior in a market that has been struggling. However, the uncertainty created by this legal battle raises concerns about the future success of AI PCs. The situation was a hot topic of discussion among attendees at Computex 2024, with many questioning whether the ongoing dispute will hinder the growth of the AI PC market.

The conflict traces back to Qualcomm’s acquisition of Nuvia, a start-up specializing in server CPUs, in 2021. Nuvia had licensed processor architectures from Arm, and when it joined Qualcomm, the development work continued using Nuvia’s designs in high-end processors, including the Snapdragon X range. Arm argued that Qualcomm had no right to use these designs, as Nuvia’s Arm licenses had expired upon the acquisition.

If Arm’s lawsuit is successful, Qualcomm may be required to destroy any technologies developed using Nuvia’s old licenses. This could have significant implications for the PC industry, particularly for vendors like Dell, Asus, Acer, MSI, and Gigabyte, who have already invested in Snapdragon X-powered laptops. The uncertainty surrounding the legal battle may disrupt the expected boom in laptop sales.

While the outcome of the legal battle remains uncertain, it is unlikely that Arm’s victory would result in the halt of PC sales. Given the substantial investments in the Windows on Arm and Copilot+ ecosystems, a favorable ruling for Arm could lead to additional lawsuits from major players in the industry. It is more probable that Arm and Qualcomm will reach a settlement, with Qualcomm potentially paying a sum of money or sharing profits from the Snapdragon X range with Arm.

The future of AI PCs hangs in the balance as Arm and Qualcomm continue their legal battle. Until a resolution is reached, the potential for growth in the AI PC market may be stunted. It is essential for both companies to find a way to resolve their differences to ensure the success of this emerging technology.


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