As Prime Day approaches, several of the largest Lego Super Mario sets are currently on sale, making it an ideal time to grab these 1,000-plus piece builds at a discounted price. Typically, these Lego Mario sets do not see significant price drops, so it’s a rare opportunity for fans to add these to their collection or purchase them as gifts. In this article, we will highlight some of the best deals on Lego Mario sets available before Prime Day kicks off.

One of the featured sets on sale is Bowser’s Airship, a challenging 1,152-piece build that allows you to recreate the iconic airship from the Super Mario franchise. This set includes various interactive components such as a POW Block and a Cannon Start Pipe, enhancing the playability of the final build. Moreover, the airship unfolds to reveal its interior, making it an excellent display piece for enthusiasts.

In addition to Bowser’s Airship, another discounted set includes Larry’s and Morton’s Airship. This set features two airships belonging to Larry and Morton, complete with figures and interactive components to engage with. The build consists of 1,042 pieces and offers a unique building experience for both children and adults to enjoy together.

For fans of Princess Peach, Peach’s Castle is currently available at a significantly reduced price of $97, making it an excellent bargain for collectors. This set includes five figures, interactive pieces like a Time Block and a secret wall, and a stunning Peach stained-glass window detailing the castle’s design. Make sure to apply any available coupons to maximize the discount before making a purchase.

Beyond the highlighted sets, there are numerous other Lego Super Mario sets on sale before Prime Day, offering discounts on various expansion sets and interactive scenes. One notable set is Donkey Kong’s Tree House, which is now priced at $48, down from $60, making it a more accessible option with 555 pieces to assemble.

Prime Day presents an excellent opportunity to score discounted Lego Super Mario sets, including Bowser’s Airship, Larry’s and Morton’s Airship, and Peach’s Castle. These sets provide hours of entertainment and creative building opportunities for fans of the Super Mario franchise. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals and add these iconic Lego Mario sets to your collection today.


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