Kenshin Kazama, a 27-year-old Japanese resident in Hitachi, recently made headlines for admitting to making death threats to Nintendo. His actions took place over a period of several months last year, as he expressed his frustration with the company’s games.

According to reports, Kazama sent a total of 39 threats to Nintendo via inquiry forms on its website. In these threats, he stated that people at Nintendo would regret making a bad game and even went as far as threatening to kill those involved in the game’s development. Additionally, he made threats towards spectators at an upcoming gaming event, causing the event to be ultimately canceled.

The threats made by Kazama had serious consequences, resulting in a financial cost of ¥700 million. This amount, equivalent to approximately $4.36 million, reflects the severity of his actions. The cancellation of the gaming event also had a significant impact on the gaming community and highlighted the repercussions of such threats.

Kazama’s sentencing is scheduled for July 24th, with the prosecution seeking a one-year prison sentence for his actions. The case has brought attention to the issue of online threats and the importance of addressing and preventing such behavior in the gaming community.

Overall, Kazama’s threats towards Nintendo serve as a reminder of the dangers of unchecked anger and frustration, particularly in online environments. It is crucial for individuals to find healthy ways to cope with disappointment and to seek help if they are struggling to manage their emotions. The impact of such threats can be far-reaching and have serious consequences for both individuals and the community as a whole.


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