Leveling up weapons in The First Descendant may seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance, it can be a straightforward process. Unlike other games with a simple “level up” button for weapons, The First Descendant requires players to utilize Anais in Albion, Phase Exchangers, and other materials to enhance their weapons. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how weapon leveling works in the game and how players can effectively upgrade their favorite guns to the max level.

To begin the weapon leveling process, players need to head to the repair station workbench. This workbench serves as the central hub for upgrading weapons in the game. Additionally, players will need to interact with Anais, the magister responsible for research and crafting crucial items. Anais can be found in Albion, an area marked on the in-game map. Workbenches can also be found at various outposts when players teleport to different areas.

At the workbench, players will find the option for ‘Weapon Level Transmission,’ which is the key to leveling up their guns. To initiate this process, players will need three essential components: the gun they want to level up, a higher level gun that they are willing to sacrifice, and Phase Exchangers. The leveling up process involves feeding the target weapon a higher level gun to boost its stats. Players can select the target weapon and choose from higher level guns available for sacrifice. The in-game interface will display the effects of each option, allowing players to make an informed decision.

Acquiring Phase Exchangers

One of the crucial components for weapon leveling in The First Descendant is Phase Exchangers. These function as currency for the leveling up process and can be crafted by visiting Anais in Albion. To craft Phase Exchangers, players will need Superalloy, which can be obtained by scrapping guns. The process is efficient – players can level up high-level guns by scrapping low-level ones to acquire the necessary materials. A single Phase Exchanger requires 50 Superalloy and 2500 gold and takes two and a half minutes to craft. Players also have the option to craft Phase Exchangers in batches for a higher cost and longer crafting time. Additionally, there are basic Phase Exchangers for upgrading common and rare weapons, as well as Precision Phase Exchangers for upgrading Ultimate Weapons.

Mastering the weapon leveling process in The First Descendant requires careful planning, resource management, and strategic decision-making. By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can effectively level up their favorite guns and enhance their gameplay experience.


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