Microsoft has long been battling browser bloat issues, but now they are taking a proactive approach to address this problem. Instead of reducing features, Microsoft is focusing on speeding up the Edge browser to improve user experience.

One of Microsoft’s key strategies is to make Edge’s user interface more responsive. They have started by enhancing the Browser Essentials menu, which provides information about Edge’s performance. By migrating to a WebUI 2.0 architecture, the Browser Essentials menu now loads 42 percent faster than before.

Microsoft is not stopping at the Browser Essentials menu. In build 124, they have also implemented a 40 percent speed boost for Edge’s favorites menu. Furthermore, they are planning to upgrade Edge’s history, downloads, and wallet features to the WebUI 2.0 framework in the near future.

The WebUI 2.0 architecture was developed by Microsoft to address the issue of large code bundles in Edge’s components. By restructuring these bundles and adopting a more modular approach, Microsoft has been able to improve performance significantly. They have shifted to using optimized web components that are designed for modern web engines.

As a user who prefers Edge over other browsers, I can attest to the noticeable speed boost that these changes have brought. However, with the addition of features like Copilot integration and other tools in the sidebar, Edge could benefit from streamlining certain aspects to maintain its smooth user experience.

Microsoft’s efforts to speed up the Edge browser through the implementation of WebUI 2.0 architecture are commendable. By focusing on improving responsiveness and optimizing key features, Microsoft is enhancing the overall user experience. As Edge continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these improvements shape the future of the browser.


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