Asus recently announced its newest addition to the handheld gaming PC lineup, the ROG Ally X. While it is not a complete redesign or a brand new generation, the ROG Ally X promises significant improvements across various aspects compared to its predecessor. The announcement was made during a brief ROG stream by Asus employees Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon. One of the notable changes is the introduction of a sleek black color option for the device, giving it a more modern and sophisticated look.

Hardware Upgrades

According to Kulinksi and Gordon, the ROG Ally X will see improvements in key hardware components such as the battery, storage capacity, RAM, ports, and possibly other physical changes to enhance the overall user experience. Asus has emphasized that the battery life of the new device has been substantially improved, addressing one of the common concerns with handheld gaming PCs. The company has also hinted at the inclusion of more RAM, a longer M.2 SSD slot, and redesigned joystick modules for better performance.

Design Changes

In response to consumer feedback, Asus has made some design changes to the ROG Ally X to make it more user-friendly and easily repairable. One significant alteration is the relocation of the SD card slot, which was a point of contention with the original ROG Ally. By addressing these issues, Asus aims to provide a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for users. The company has also promised better communication and transparency regarding product updates and improvements.

Aside from hardware enhancements, the ROG Ally X is expected to come with a new version of Armoury Crate in July 2024. This updated software will feature new tabs, navigation tools, and the ability to share controller mapping profiles with other users, similar to the functionality offered by the Steam Deck. Despite these software upgrades, the ROG Ally X will retain AMD’s Z1 Extreme processor and a 1080p 7-inch IPS screen, maintaining performance consistency with its predecessor.

The upcoming release of the Asus ROG Ally X signifies the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative gaming products to its customers. With notable improvements in hardware, design, and software capabilities, the new handheld gaming PC is poised to set a new standard in the industry. As Asus continues to unveil more details leading up to the official launch on June 2, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the next level of portable gaming technology with the ROG Ally X.


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