Recently, Game Awards host Geoff Keighley shared new screenshots from The Wolf Among Us 2 on Twitter, hinting at the ongoing development of the game. This comes as a surprise, considering previous rumors had suggested otherwise. In October 2023, reports surfaced about major layoffs at Telltale Games, impacting a significant number of employees. Amidst this turmoil, former staff members revealed that information regarding The Wolf Among Us 2 was kept under non-disclosure agreements, leading to speculation about the game’s status.

TellTale Games eventually acknowledged the layoffs, attributing them to prevailing market conditions. However, the company maintained that all projects, including The Wolf Among Us 2, were still in progress. Despite this assurance, doubts loomed over the game’s future, especially since its initial announcement in 2019. Amidst uncertainty, Telltale Games has set a tentative release year of 2024 for the game, but updates have been scarce in recent months.

The newly-released screenshots offer a glimpse into the world of The Wolf Among Us 2. From a therapy session to a snowy landscape featuring Bigby Wolf, the images hint at the game’s thematic elements. Bigby’s investigation of an apartment crime scene and his contemplative gaze at a mysterious object further pique players’ curiosity. While the screenshots do not reveal much about the gameplay, they do signify progress and potential news updates in the future.

With Telltale Games actively working on The Wolf Among Us 2, fans can anticipate more details about the game’s storyline and gameplay mechanics. The reveal of these screenshots indicates that development is ongoing, instilling hope that the game will indeed meet its projected 2024 release date. As players eagerly await further announcements, it is evident that The Wolf Among Us 2 continues to be a project of significance for Telltale Games. Stay tuned for more updates as the game’s development unfolds.


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