Nintendo has expanded its library of classic games available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers by adding three new Game Boy titles. Among these additions is the much-loved Super Mario Land, a game that had previously been absent from the service. This game, although not developed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Super Mario series, follows Mario on a quest to rescue Princess Daisy from an alien invader in Sarasaland. Alongside Super Mario Land, players can now enjoy Alleyway, a Breakout-style game, and Baseball, a simple sports game with multiplayer support.

These new Game Boy titles are accessible to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers at no additional cost. The base subscription for Nintendo Switch Online offers access to a range of classic games, including those from the Game Boy library. Individual memberships for Nintendo Switch Online are priced at $4 USD for one month, $8 USD for three months, and $20 USD for a year. Alternatively, players can opt for a family plan at $35 USD per year, which covers up to eight Nintendo Accounts across different systems.

For those looking for more gaming options, Nintendo offers a premium “Expansion Pack” tier. This subscription tier includes access to additional perks such as classic Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance games, Sega Genesis titles, and some exclusive Nintendo Switch DLC. Recent additions for Expansion Pack subscribers include two new Nintendo 64 games in April and the Game Boy Advance title F-Zero: Maximum Velocity in March.

Nintendo has also announced an upcoming Nintendo Direct scheduled for June. However, company president Shuntaro Furukawa has clarified that this broadcast will not feature any news regarding the anticipated successor to the Nintendo Switch. This news suggests that Nintendo fans will have to wait a little longer for updates on the next generation of Nintendo gaming consoles.

The addition of new Game Boy titles to the Nintendo Switch Online service provides subscribers with more gaming options and nostalgia from the past. With a range of subscription plans to suit individual preferences and the promise of exciting new content in the near future, Nintendo continues to cater to the varied interests of its loyal fan base.


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