LocalThunk’s viral hit game, Balatro, has recently been removed from certain digital storefronts due to concerns that it promotes gambling. Despite the fact that Balatro is not centered around gambling, some global ratings boards have misinterpreted the game’s content, leading to a reclassification of the game that restricts its audience.

In response to the removal of Balatro from digital storefronts, game publisher Playstack explained the situation on Twitter, clarifying that the issue arose from an abrupt change in the game’s age rating. The rating was changed from 3+ to 18+ without warning by a ratings board that mistakenly believed the game contained gambling elements. Playstack adamantly stated that Balatro does not promote or include any form of gambling, emphasizing that the rating decision was unfounded. The game was developed by an individual who is vehemently against gambling, and great care was taken to ensure that no gambling mechanics were present in the game.

Playstack revealed that Balatro underwent a thorough review by a ratings board in October 2023, during which it was initially given an 18+ rating. However, after an appeal process, the board ultimately determined that the game did not contain any gambling-related themes and reclassified it with a 3+ rating. Despite the successful appeal, the game’s rating has now been reverted back to 18+, prompting Playstack to work on resolving the issue and considering implementing a temporary 18+ rating for the game’s return to affected storefronts.

For players who already own Balatro, they will still be able to download and play the game regardless of its availability in digital storefronts. Playstack reassured players that they are actively working on finding solutions to restore the game to impacted storefronts, urging patience as they address the availability issue.

The temporary removal of Balatro from certain digital storefronts due to mistaken concerns about gambling highlights the challenges that developers face in navigating the complex landscape of game ratings and content restrictions. Playstack’s commitment to ensuring the integrity of Balatro’s content and their efforts to address the rating issue demonstrate the dedication to providing players with an enjoyable and responsible gaming experience.


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