Pokémon Sleep, the innovative sleep-tracking app that allows users to catch Pokémon by getting a good night’s rest, has managed to generate over $100 million in revenue during its first year of operation. According to data from AppMagic, as reported by PocketGamer.Biz, the majority of this revenue comes from users in Japan, with an estimated $73 million spent on the app since its launch in July of last year. Additional funds have been contributed by users in the US ($17 million) and Taiwan ($4 million), showcasing the app’s global appeal and financial success.

The AppMagic data reveals that in-app spending saw a significant increase during special event periods within Pokémon Sleep, such as the Raiku Research event that was unveiled during the February 2024 Pokémon Presents showcase, as well as various seasonal celebrations. One particular highlight was the Holiday 2023 event, which reportedly generated a record $4 million in revenue over the span of a week. This demonstrates the app’s ability to engage users and drive spending through engaging events and incentives.

Over the past year, Pokémon Sleep has amassed an impressive 9.8 million downloads, with 44% of those downloads originating from Japan. North America accounted for 17% of the downloads, while Taiwan came in third with 7% of the total downloads. While these numbers may pale in comparison to the massive success of Pokémon GO, which generates over $1 billion in revenue annually, the $100 million milestone achieved by Pokémon Sleep is still a noteworthy accomplishment, especially for a sleep-tracking app.

As Pokémon Sleep gears up to celebrate its first anniversary, the app is currently hosting a ‘gift week’ where users can earn bonus Sleep Points by logging in daily. Fans can look forward to more details about the first-anniversary event, which are expected to be announced on the @PokemonSleep Twitter account soon. The success of Pokémon Sleep’s revenue figures and download numbers in its inaugural year bode well for the app’s future growth and continued popularity among fans of the Pokémon franchise.


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