The highly anticipated expansion of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown in 2024 is set to bring a myriad of new features and content to the game. Players can look forward to a complete roadmap that includes new modes, challenges, story DLC, and more throughout the year. The game will receive continuous support with seasonal updates that will entice players to keep coming back for more.

Kicking off the expansion on 20 March 2024 is the free Warrior Path’s update. This update will introduce a Speedrun Mode with a timer, new outfits for the character Sargon (some of which are inspired by past Prince of Persia looks), and a challenging Permadeath Mode. The addition of Permadeath Mode will surely test even the most skilled players, as the game is already known for its difficult platforming and traversal challenges.

In Spring 2024, players in the Northern Hemisphere can expect another free update for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. This update will bring new outfits for Sargon and a Boss Rush Mode, where players will face a series of boss fights in exchange for rewards. The update aims to provide new and exciting challenges for players to overcome, adding to the game’s replay value.

Another free update is scheduled for Summer 2024 in the Northern Hemisphere. This update will introduce new amulets, outfits for Sargon, collectibles, as well as new combat, platforming, and puzzle challenges. Players can anticipate a fresh gameplay experience with the addition of these new elements, keeping the game engaging and immersive.

Towards the end of 2024, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown will receive a major new story DLC, which will be the only paid content in the expansion. While details about the DLC are scarce at this point, players can expect a substantial addition to the game’s narrative and gameplay. The paid DLC is sure to offer a significant amount of content, making it a worthwhile investment for fans of the game.

The expansion of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown in 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for Ubisoft to delve deeper into the game’s unique lore and narrative. With the introduction of new modes, challenges, and story content, there is vast potential for the game to grow and evolve. Players can look forward to a captivating and immersive experience as they explore the expanded world of The Lost Crown.

The expansion of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown in 2024 promises to deliver an array of new and exciting content for players to enjoy. From challenging new modes to immersive story DLC, the expansion offers something for every type of player. With a roadmap full of updates and additions, fans of the game can expect an enriching and thrilling experience as they continue their adventure in The Lost Crown.


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