LEGO 2K Drive, a game that has been receiving regular updates since its launch last year, has recently introduced its fifth major update. One of the key highlights of this update is the Stargaze Summit Expansion. Players can now embark on thrilling adventures in the newly unveiled Stargaze Summit biome within Bricklandia. With seven exhilarating new Races, three exciting Challenges, and nine new On-The-Go Events, there is plenty of new content to explore. Additionally, players can earn exclusive rewards such as Special Flairs, Drivers, Vehicles, and more, along with gaining XP to level up faster and earn Drive Pass tiers.

The latest update also introduces Special Flairs that players can use to enhance their gameplay experience. These Special Flairs can be used in the open world and other modes with Custom Rules active, adding a new layer of customization to the game. Along with Special Flairs, the update includes new features such as an Extra Camera, Collectable Detector, Collectable Magnet, Flamethrower, Wreck-O-Power, Thruster, Jetpack Turbo, Crystal Mower, and Bumper. These additions provide players with more options to customize their vehicles and interact with the game world in unique ways.

In addition to the Stargaze Summit Expansion and new gameplay features, the update also introduces Goal-Karts: Hockey, where players can engage in intense 3v3 competitive matches in a drivable ice rink. Players can strategize and craft the ultimate car for offensive or defensive puck maneuvers, and even practice with a friend in 1v1 split-screen matches. Furthermore, the Time Trial Mode allows players to test their skills against the clock in a new racing mode. Competing to achieve the shortest completion times in each race, players can track their personal bests and aim to dominate the global leaderboard.

Apart from new content and features, the update also includes various improvements to the overall gameplay experience. Expanded Leaderboards now feature an extensive range of in-game activities for players to compete with racers globally, while the Enhanced Creators Hub allows creators to upload modified unlocked/purchased vehicles. Rival Rewards incentivize players to beat races at all three classes, and Online Race Variety in Play with Everyone mode adds more variety in obstacles. These enhancements aim to provide players with a more engaging and dynamic gaming experience.

The latest update for LEGO 2K Drive also includes bug fixes and stability improvements to enhance the overall performance of the game. Various issues such as infinite loading screens, difficulty rotating the camera, and completion failures have been addressed. Additionally, stability fixes have been implemented to prevent crashes during races, backfilling, and low framerates. These bug fixes and stability improvements ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for players.

The latest update for LEGO 2K Drive brings a wealth of new content, features, and improvements to the game. From the exciting Stargaze Summit Expansion to the introduction of Special Flairs, Goal-Karts: Hockey, and Time Trial Mode, players have plenty of new experiences to enjoy. With bug fixes and stability improvements also included in the update, players can expect a more polished and refined gaming experience. Whether you’re a fan of racing games or a LEGO enthusiast, the latest update is definitely worth checking out.


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