Recently, the turn-based tactical RPG, Wildermyth, announced the end of its active development. The release of the second DLC, Omenroad, marked the transition of the game into a roguelike. However, this update also signaled the final chapter for Wildermyth and the team behind it, Worldwalker Games. The co-owner of the studio, Nate Austin, stated that while they would continue to provide support and address critical bugs, there would be no new content moving forward. This decision was not based on Omenroad’s sales performance, as it was reportedly “doing quite well.”

Despite the success of Omenroad, Worldwalker Games is entering a period of hibernation. Austin expressed that they were “done with this project,” leading to the departure of several team members. While the studio is not shutting down permanently, there are no immediate plans for future projects. Austin hinted that there might be a resurgence in the future, but for now, the team needs time to explore new opportunities. He described this phase as venturing into the “metaphorical wilderness” to discover their next venture.

During an interview with PC Gamer, Austin shared insights into the team’s journey over the past 11 years. He emphasized that they were not eager to pursue a Wildermyth sequel after dedicating a significant portion of their careers to the original game. Despite the challenges and milestones along the way, the decision to move on from Wildermyth was a mutual agreement among the team members. The closure of Wildermyth and the temporary hiatus of Worldwalker Games reflect a pivotal moment in the studio’s history.

The conclusion of Wildermyth and the transition of Worldwalker Games into hibernation mark the end of an era. While fans may lament the absence of new content, it is essential to respect the team’s decision to explore new opportunities and projects. The legacy of Wildermyth will endure as a testament to the creativity and dedication of the developers at Worldwalker Games. As they embark on this period of reflection and discovery, we can only anticipate what the future holds for this talented team.


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