During my visit to Computex 2024, I had the opportunity to check out the latest offerings from Aerocool. While the company had new cases, coolers, and fans on display, it was the new power supplies that caught my attention the most. Aerocool is introducing power supplies with an extended warranty period, which is a significant change from their previous models.

One of the most notable updates in Aerocool’s new lineup is the extended warranty period. Typically, power supply warranties last up to 10 years, but Aerocool is pushing boundaries by offering a 15-year warranty on their most recent models. This longer warranty period sets them apart from their competitors and reflects their commitment to quality and durability.

The flagship model with the exceptional 15-year warranty is the Max P1 1300/1000W power supply. This PSU boasts an 80 Plus Platinum certification, featuring all Japanese capacitors, a large 135mm silent fluid dynamic bearing fan, and a striking front grill design. It is worth noting that the fan and grill arm are positioned parallel to each other, a detail that may impact noise levels according to feedback from industry experts like Noctua.

Manufactured by CWT, the same company responsible for Corsair’s PSUs, the Max P1 ensures top-notch quality and reliability. Aerocool proudly emphasizes this partnership to highlight the credibility and performance of their products. Additionally, the power supply range includes models with gold and bronze certifications, each corresponding to different 80 Plus ratings and warranty lengths.

The warranty coverage for Aerocool’s power supplies ranges from 15 years for the premium models to 5 years for the entry-level options. Despite the differences in certification levels, the company ensures that all products offer competitive warranty coverage. For instance, the Smart B1 model, featuring an 80 Plus Bronze certification, comes with a commendable 7-year warranty period.

Aerocool’s latest power supplies displayed at Computex 2024 showcase a significant improvement in warranty lengths and overall quality. With a focus on durability, performance, and reliability, these power supplies cater to a wide range of users seeking long-term investment and peace of mind.


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