Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has recently encountered a major issue with the Burn status effect in the game. Game director Axel Rydby revealed that this effect was found to be scaling infinitely, making it significantly overpowered at high Mastery levels. This bug not only disrupted the balance of the game but also removed the challenge from the endgame experience.

In response to the discovery of the bug, Rocksteady has decided to take action by nerfing the Burn effect to its original power level. However, this fix alone is not enough to rectify the situation. Players have already exploited the overpowered Burn builds, causing the leaderboards to be skewed. As a result, the developers have made the difficult decision to reset the leaderboard entirely.

With the upcoming changes to the Burn effect and the leaderboard reset, players will have the opportunity to explore different builds and strategies in the game. Game director Rydby emphasized the importance of players discovering new metas and continuously pushing the boundaries of build creation. While the Burn build was intended to be powerful and enjoyable, it should not overshadow other viable endgame builds.

For those players who have invested time and effort into developing powerful Burn builds and climbing the leaderboard, the reset may come as disappointing news. However, Rocksteady has reassured players that their previous achievements will not be forgotten. A separate tab will be created to immortalize their records, allowing them and others to view their past accomplishments.

The decision to reset the leaderboard in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a necessary step to maintain the integrity and fairness of the game. By addressing the overpowered Burn effect and providing players with a fresh start, Rocksteady aims to promote diversity in gameplay and encourage players to explore new strategies. Though the reset may be challenging for some players, it ultimately offers a chance for the game to evolve and for players to showcase their skills in a balanced environment.


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