Rolling Hills, an upcoming game published by Humble Games, brings a refreshing and cozy vibe to the gaming world. Developed by Catch & Release, this game follows the protagonist, a sushi bot with dreams of running the perfect sushi restaurant in the town of Rolling Hills.

The gameplay of Rolling Hills seems to be inspired by popular restaurant sims like Diner Dash and Overcooked! However, it aims to create a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere for players. The trailer showcases a variety of delicious sushi dishes that players can create to impress their new neighbors and transform the town into a culinary paradise.

Beyond the sushi restaurant, players will have the opportunity to explore and interact with the town of Rolling Hills. Decorating the restaurant, making friends, and immersing oneself in the “towny” life gameplay adds depth to the overall gaming experience. The game promises a perfect blend of culinary challenges and a heartwarming storyline.

Release Date and Availability

Rolling Hills is scheduled to launch for PC and Xbox One on June 4, 2024. It will be available as a standalone game and included in the Game Pass for subscribers. For those looking for a wholesome and delightful gaming experience, Rolling Hills is definitely a title to keep an eye on.

Rolling Hills offers a unique and charming gaming experience that combines culinary challenges with a heartwarming storyline. With its cozy vibes and delightful gameplay, this game is sure to bring joy and relaxation to players looking for a wholesome new adventure. Whether you’re a fan of restaurant sims or simply enjoy a good storyline, Rolling Hills has something for everyone. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other in the quaint town of Rolling Hills.


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