Sea of Thieves fans have reason to celebrate as rumors swirl about the return of the beloved Black Powder Stashes Voyages. The excitement started when an online petition, with only 70 signatures at the time of writing, caught the attention of the game’s executive producer, Joe Neate. This relatively small number of signatures may seem insignificant compared to other fan petitions, but the impact it has had is substantial.

The petition was started by streamer Captain Falcore, highlighting the community’s desire to have the Black Powder Stashes Voyages reintroduced into the game. The voyages, initially added in 2019, were a favorite among players for commendation farming until they were removed in January season 11. The petition’s plea to bring back these voyages echoes the sentiment of many Sea of Thieves enthusiasts who miss the content and fun they provided.

The swift response from the game’s creative director, Mike Chapman, indicates a positive outcome for fans eagerly waiting for the return of the Black Powder Stashes Voyages. Chapman’s personal seal of approval on the petition signifies the possibility of the feature making a comeback. While not confirmed officially by Rare, the exchange between Neate and Chapman hints at a promising future for players longing to experience the voyages once again.

Rare’s willingness to consider reintroducing a scrapped feature based on a modest petition demonstrates a commendable level of engagement with its player base. The direct interaction and responsiveness to fan requests reflect Rare’s commitment to listening to the community and valuing their feedback. Such proactive involvement sets Rare apart from other big triple-A developers and solidifies their reputation among players.

The potential return of the Black Powder Stashes Voyages to Sea of Thieves signifies a victory for the community and a testament to the developer’s dedication to delivering an engaging and player-centric gaming experience. As fans eagerly await an official announcement from Rare, the anticipation for the revival of this fan-favorite feature continues to grow.


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