In a bizarre and eyebrow-raising incident at Liantang Port in Guangdong, a passenger was caught trying to smuggle an astounding 350 Nintendo Switch cartridges through Chinese customs. What makes this story even more jaw-dropping is the method she chose to employ – tucking them into her bra. The audacity and creativity of this smuggling attempt is both shocking and amusing.

Discovery and Consequences

According to reports, the woman, in an attempt to pass through the airport’s checks, exhibited signs of nervousness and unusual behavior, which raised suspicion among the officials. As a result, she was pulled aside for further questioning, leading to the discovery of the 350 Switch cartridges hidden on her person. These cartridges, with an estimated value of 70,000 yuan, were a clear violation of customs regulations. In most countries, including China, bringing undeclared goods through customs is considered smuggling and is strictly prohibited. The consequences of such actions can be severe, with fines potentially reaching up to three times the amount of duties evaded.

Previous Incidents

While this may seem like an isolated incident, it is not the first time that Nintendo products have been intercepted at customs. In 2021, a whopping 7.6 tons of fake Pokémon cards were seized before they could enter Europe illegally. Similarly, in 2020, 86,000 counterfeit Pokémon figurines met the same fate. These incidents highlight the ongoing issue of counterfeit goods and smuggling operations targeting popular gaming products.

The case of the bra-smuggled Nintendo Switch cartridges serves as a reminder of the lengths that individuals may go to for illicit activities. It also sheds light on the importance of stringent customs checks and regulations to prevent such incidents from occurring. As gaming products continue to gain popularity worldwide, the risk of counterfeit goods and smuggling attempts remains a persistent challenge for authorities. Hopefully, incidents like this will serve as a deterrent for others considering similar actions in the future.


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