Sony is reportedly working on a new “high-end version” of the PS5, codenamed Trinity, which is expected to be released later this year as the PS5 Pro. The Verge has confirmed leaked specifications about the PS5 Pro and has also obtained details on how existing and new PS5 games can be “enhanced” to take advantage of the upgraded hardware.

Sources familiar with Sony’s plans have disclosed that the company is asking developers to create a new PS5 Pro-exclusive graphics mode in games. This mode combines Sony’s new PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling to 4K resolution with a 60fps frame rate and ray-tracing effects. Insider Gaming was the first to report on some of these Enhanced PS5 Pro game details.

While Sony is pushing for this new mode in games, the PS5 Pro “Enhanced” label will still cover a variety of scenarios that include 30fps games. Developers have the option to enhance the target resolution for PS5 Pro games that run at a fixed resolution on the base PS5, or increase the target maximum resolution for games that run at a variable resolution on the base PS5.

Developers will need to update their games to Sony’s latest SDK to make use of PS5 Pro features. However, even games that have not been updated will see improvements in performance on the upcoming console. Sony has also warned developers that many unpatched games will not show improvements in the ultra-boost mode, especially games with fixed rendering resolutions.

The requirements for the PS5 Pro Enhanced label are said to be similar to what Sony did with the PS4 Pro. There is clear flexibility for developers to choose what aspects of their games they want to improve. If a game qualifies for the Enhanced label, it will be displayed on disc packaging and on Sony’s PlayStation Store pages.

Sony’s development of a high-end version of the PS5, known as the PS5 Pro, is set to bring significant enhancements to gaming experiences. With exclusive graphics modes, enhanced labels, and improved performance, the PS5 Pro is shaping up to be a game-changer in the world of console gaming. Developers are encouraged to update their games to take advantage of the new features provided by the PS5 Pro, ensuring that players can enjoy the best possible gaming experience on Sony’s latest console.


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