The gaming community is abuzz with speculations regarding a potential successor to Nintendo’s popular Switch console. The latest report from Reuters has added fuel to the fire, suggesting that Nvidia is in the process of creating custom chips for hardware firms, including a bespoke design for Nintendo’s next-generation handheld system.

According to the exclusive report, Nvidia is reportedly establishing a new business unit dedicated to designing specialized chips for hardware manufacturers. The claim is supported by the fact that the current Switch console already features Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip. The new iteration of the Switch, expected to launch this year, is rumored to incorporate a custom Nvidia design, further solidifying the tech giant’s involvement in the development process.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo has chosen to remain tight-lipped regarding the report. The company declined to comment on the speculations, leaving fans and industry analysts to ponder the potential implications of the rumored collaboration with Nvidia. The estimated launch window for the new hardware aligns with previous reports, with Bloomberg also indicating a 2024 release date and the possibility of an 8-inch LCD screen.

While the latest report from Reuters may not offer groundbreaking revelations, it serves to reinforce the existing rumors surrounding Nintendo’s future hardware plans. With multiple outlets corroborating the claims of a new Switch console featuring Nvidia’s custom chip design, the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together.

Overall, the ongoing speculations about Nintendo’s next-generation handheld system have generated significant interest among gaming enthusiasts. While the exact details remain shrouded in mystery, the partnership with Nvidia and the anticipated launch this year hint at exciting developments on the horizon for Nintendo fans. Only time will tell what the future holds for the beloved gaming company and its innovative hardware offerings.


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