Speedrunning in the gaming community is all about optimizing gameplay to achieve the fastest completion times. However, one record chaser, known as Tainted Tali, made a unique decision during her speedrun of Alan Wake 2. Instead of skipping the iconic musical number in the game, she chose to let it play out, sacrificing precious seconds in the process.

The musical number in Alan Wake 2 is a standout moment in the otherwise dark and oppressive atmosphere of the game. This scene has become so memorable that even the game’s creative director and famed composer from Final Fantasy 14 have praised it. By choosing to showcase this moment during her speedrun, Tainted Tali decided to prioritize the game’s creative expression over shaving off time.

Standing Out in the Speedrunning Community

While Tainted Tali’s decision may seem counterintuitive to traditional speedrunning strategies, it speaks to the passion she has for the game. In a bold move, she not only let the musical number play but also stood up on stream to perform it with a crew of backup dancers. This unconventional approach may have cost her valuable time, but it allowed her to truly showcase the game in a unique way.

Embracing the Game Despite Its Length

Despite acknowledging that the musical number is on the longer side and involves a lot of waiting, Tainted Tali’s love for the game overshadowed any concerns about time efficiency. Her enthusiasm for Alan Wake 2 is shared by many within the gaming community, with the game receiving glowing reviews for its storytelling and character development. Tainted Tali’s decision to highlight the game’s creative moments during her speedrun aligns with the overall praise for the game.

While Alan Wake 2 continues to surprise players with its unique gameplay and storytelling, the promise of future expansions that tease the Remedy Connected Universe adds another layer of intrigue. Tainted Tali’s unconventional speedrunning approach serves as a reminder that sometimes, showcasing the creative aspects of a game can be just as rewarding as achieving a fast completion time. By embracing the iconic musical number in Alan Wake 2, she left a lasting impression on the speedrunning community and highlighted the importance of creative expression in gaming.


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