The release of the highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection has left fans disappointed, as the launch did not go as smoothly as expected. One of the main issues that players faced when trying to access the multiplayer modes was the lack of available servers. Reports from PC players indicated that there were only three multiplayer servers to choose from, each with a maximum capacity of 64 players. This meant that there were only 192 available spaces for players to join at any given time.

As over 10,000 people tried to access the collection on launch night, the limited number of servers caused overcrowding and led to technical difficulties for many players. Some Steam reviews even mentioned that there were no servers available for Star Wars: Battlefront 1 at one point. With such a high volume of players trying to join the collection simultaneously, it’s no wonder that many faced difficulties finding a multiplayer game to join. The situation was further compounded by issues such as high ping, stuttering, and the potential for widespread cheating.

The lack of available servers and the subsequent technical issues had a significant impact on the player experience. Many fans who were eager to dive into the collection right at launch found themselves frustrated and disappointed by the lack of access to multiplayer games. This frustration was reflected in the overwhelmingly negative Steam reviews that the game received, with only 21% of the 1,309 reviews being positive at the time of writing. Players voiced their disappointment with the unstable servers, broken gameplay, and overall lackluster experience.

The launch of the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection may have been highly anticipated, but the reality fell short of expectations for many fans. The limited number of servers, overcrowding, and technical difficulties marred the initial experience for players, leading to widespread frustration and disappointment. While additional servers have since been added to alleviate some of the issues, the negative impact on the player experience is still evident in the reviews and feedback from those who attempted to play the collection on launch night. Moving forward, it will be crucial for developers to address these launch problems and ensure a smoother experience for players in the future.


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