The launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was met with disappointment as thousands of players encountered a lack of server availability. Only three 64-player servers were accessible for nearly 10,000 eager gamers. This resulted in long wait times and frustration for those trying to experience the game.

Players who managed to join a server reported frequent crashes, issues with player spawning, and difficulties joining teams. Steam reviews quickly turned Mostly Negative, with many users opting for product refunds. The game’s lack of playability, due to glitches and game stuttering, was a common complaint among disappointed players.

In response to the outcry, Aspyr issued an official statement acknowledging the network infrastructure issues plaguing Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. They expressed gratitude for the community’s feedback and assured players that they were working on fixes to address the critical errors affecting gameplay.

Efforts to stabilize the network and improve server availability have been ongoing since the troubled launch. Aspyr has urged players to report any bugs or unexpected behavior encountered in the game to aid in the restoration of stability. Updates have indicated some progress, with new servers being added for gameplay. However, persistent issues such as bugs and crashes are still being addressed by the development team.

Despite the rocky start, there is optimism for the future of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection as developers continue to work on improving the overall gaming experience. Players are encouraged to stay updated on upcoming fixes and enhancements to enhance their enjoyment of the game. While the initial launch may have been a disappointment, efforts are being made to rectify the situation and regain the support of fans.


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