Sydney Sweeney recently starred in Sony’s Madame Web, a film that turned out to be one of the biggest flops of 2024. Despite the disappointing outcome of the movie, Sweeney has shared her thoughts on why she decided to take on the role in the first place. In an interview with GQ, she mentioned that the project was massive with many individuals involved, and she was simply hired to bring a beloved character, Spider-Woman, to life for her young cousins. Sweeney acknowledged that as an actor, she had no control over the final result of a film like Madame Web and had to embrace the journey, regardless of the outcome.

Reflecting on her experience with Madame Web, Sweeney recognized that the filmmaking process for such a project was vastly different from what she was accustomed to. She admitted that there was a distinct formula for creating a movie like Madame Web, which presented her with new challenges and opportunities for growth. While some of her peers may have sworn off similar projects, Sweeney remains open to future collaborations if the right story and team come together. She emphasized the importance of building professional relationships in the industry, citing Madame Web as a stepping stone that led to other successful ventures.

Sweeney’s decision to partake in Madame Web was not solely driven by artistic motives but also by strategic business considerations. She acknowledged that not every project she undertakes is purely for the art, and sometimes, it is necessary to make calculated choices to further her career. In the case of Madame Web, this calculated risk paid off as it paved the way for the success of her subsequent projects, such as the rom-com Anyone But You and the upcoming remake of Barbarella. Anyone But You exceeded expectations at the box office, earning over $200 million globally, proving that Sweeney’s strategic approach to her career decisions has been effective.

As the Spider-Man series continues to expand with the upcoming release of Venom: The Last Dance in 2024, it is evident that Sweeney’s involvement in Madame Web has opened doors for her in the industry. With the anticipation of more mainline Spider-Man films from Sony in the future, Sweeney’s portfolio is expected to grow, showcasing her versatility and adaptability as an actress. Despite the challenges and setbacks faced during the making of Madame Web, Sweeney’s resilience and determination to succeed shine through, promising an exciting trajectory for her career in the years to come.


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