Just a mere one or two weeks after turning away from the popular game Helldivers 2, players were left in shock as they witnessed the complete transformation of the planet Meridia into a black hole. The players successfully completed the metagame’s last Major Order, initiating the pumping of the Terminid supercolony with an experimental substance known as “Dark Fluid.” This Dark Fluid, previously obtained from the Illuminate faction during the First Galactic War in the original Helldivers game, caused Meridia to implode and become a radiant, wailing, purple-fringed disc of pure nothingness. Players were abruptly ejected from orbit through an emergency hyperspace jump, only to return to witness the aftermath of their actions.

Following the destruction of the supercolony Meridia, Super-Earth broadcasted a message, stating that a beautiful black hole now remains in its place. This black hole is drawing in every Terminid spore within billions of kilometers, leading to a sharp decrease in interstellar spore levels across various systems. The containment of the Terminid threat is once again within reach, thanks to the destruction of Meridia. However, the repercussions of this event are yet to be fully understood, and the true extent of the consequences remains uncertain.

While Super-Earth broadcasts may sometimes exaggerate the truth for patriotic purposes, the potential outcomes of the black hole’s existence are both intriguing and ominous. The reduced spore levels indicate that there may be fewer bug monsters to fight in the near future. On the other hand, the sudden emergence of highly advanced cthulhoid aliens is a looming possibility, adding a new layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict. The presence of the black hole signifies a significant shift in the game’s universe, hinting at potential changes and challenges for players to face in the upcoming gameplay.

Speculation is rife about the return of the Illuminate faction in Helldivers 2, with a prominent gap on the Galactic Map awaiting their resurgence. It is unlikely that developers would introduce a visitable black hole into the game without exploiting its narrative potential. The ominous presence of the black hole suggests that something significant is poised to emerge from its depths, potentially altering the course of the ongoing war. Players are advised to prepare for new threats and challenges as the repercussions of the Dark Fluid incident continue to unfold. Thanks to PCGamer and RPS for shedding light on the possible consequences of this transformative event.


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