The release of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has reignited the debate around the ideal level of challenge in FromSoftware games. Some players have raised concerns about the unnecessary difficulty spikes in the DLC, leading to negative reviews on platforms like Steam. In response, FromSoftware has made adjustments to make the expansion a bit easier, particularly by buffing early Scadutree levels. However, there are still different opinions on the overall difficulty of the game.

Let Me Solo Her, a prominent player known for helping others defeat challenging bosses like Malenia in the base game, offered his perspective on the difficulty of Shadow of the Erdtree. He believes that while the DLC bosses are indeed a true test of skill, some players may be overreacting to the challenges presented. Let Me Solo Her suggests that expanding tactics and mastering patience and timings for counterattacks can make a significant difference in overcoming the obstacles in the game.

Looking at the sheer difficulty of individual DLC bosses, Let Me Solo Her rates them below Malenia, an optional boss known for her unforgiving attack animations and life-sapping mechanic. Despite finding Shadow of the Erdtree to be the biggest challenge in Elden Ring, Let Me Solo Her expresses enjoyment in the game, particularly in appreciating the epic bosses and stunning scenery. He acknowledges the tough nature of the final boss and considers it a worthy challenge that could rival Malenia in difficulty.

Is Shadow of the Erdtree the hardest DLC FromSoftware has ever created? Let Me Solo Her believes it is certainly one of the toughest, but he also notes that the true difficulty may be influenced by the timing of the assessment. He suggests that players need more time to explore the new content and adapt their strategies before making a fair judgment on the overall challenge level of the DLC. The complexity of the game has sparked intense discussions among players, with differing opinions on how to approach the difficulty.

In view of the debates surrounding the difficulty of Shadow of the Erdtree, Let Me Solo Her offers some advice for struggling players. He emphasizes the importance of utilizing all resources available in the game to overcome challenges. Whether it’s exploring different builds or mastering specific mechanics, players are encouraged to make the most of their abilities to progress through the DLC. Let Me Solo Her highlights the significance of approaching the game with a comprehensive understanding of its mechanics and features.

The discussion around the challenge level of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree reflects the diverse experiences of players as they navigate through the DLC. While some may find certain aspects overly difficult, others view them as opportunities to enhance their skills and strategies. Ultimately, the game offers a blend of breathtaking visuals, intense boss battles, and intricate mechanics that cater to a wide range of player preferences and playstyles. As players continue to explore the world of Elden Ring, the debate on difficulty will likely remain a central topic of discussion within the gaming community.


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