The Apple Vision Pro headset, once considered an innovative piece of technology, is now under scrutiny for its poor sales and user complaints. Despite its high price tag of $3,499, the device has faced criticism for issues such as cracking screens, feelings of isolation, and the unflattering appearance while wearing it. However, recent reports suggest that Apple has decided to pivot its focus towards a cheaper model, suspending work on the next-generation Vision Pro 2 in favor of a more budget-friendly version.

According to sources, the cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro is rumored to have fewer cameras, a simpler headband, and smaller speakers compared to its predecessor. This new model, codenamed “N109,” is expected to retail for around $1,600 – a significant drop in price from the original. Despite these changes, Apple plans to retain the impressive internal display components that were praised in the initial reviews. By keeping the high-end displays while reducing the overall cost, Apple aims to appeal to a wider consumer base.

One of the major criticisms of the original Vision Pro was its weight, ranging between 600 to 650 grams depending on the configuration. In comparison, competitors like the Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 were lighter, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods. The new model of the Apple Vision Pro is said to prioritize a lighter design, addressing this issue and making it more user-friendly. With a focus on improving the user experience, Apple is aiming to rectify the flaws of the previous version.

The decision to shift towards a cheaper model and prioritize consumer cost and refinement over upgraded specs could be a smart move for Apple. By offering a more affordable alternative with similar internal display components, Apple is demonstrating a commitment to meeting consumer needs. This strategic shift may help the company regain the trust of customers who were disappointed by the original Vision Pro’s performance and price point.

The Apple Vision Pro has faced challenges and criticisms since its launch, but the decision to focus on a cheaper, more refined version shows promise. By addressing issues such as high cost and weight, Apple is taking steps to improve the overall user experience and make the device more accessible to a wider audience. While the success of the new model remains to be seen, this shift in strategy could mark a positive turning point for Apple’s VR technology offerings.


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