The long-awaited sequel to Team Cherry’s popular game, Hollow Knight, titled Hollow Knight: Silksong, has made a surprising appearance on the Xbox Store recently. The timing of this listing, coinciding with April Fool’s Day 2024, has raised eyebrows and sparked confusion among eager fans. Despite the unusual timing, the legitimacy of the Xbox Store listing has been confirmed by Xbox product marketing manager Tao Sila and other members of the Xbox team.

Speculation and Uncertainty

Hollow Knight: Silksong was initially announced in 2019 and has been a topic of interest for fans ever since. The game has made sporadic appearances in virtual game showcases, with the most recent exposure in 2022. However, it failed to make an appearance in 2023, leading to speculation about potential delays to 2024. Despite the listing on the Xbox Store, the actual release date of the game remains unknown, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official news from Team Cherry.

The Xbox Store listing for Hollow Knight: Silksong provides some new insights into the game. Along with the standard details such as a brief description of the plot and protagonist Hornet’s journey, the listing also includes an Everyone 10+ ESRB rating for “Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood.” While this rating suggests progress in the game’s development cycle, it is important to note that the ESRB rating is not yet live on the official ESRB website. This rating could be based on the original Hollow Knight’s rating or a unique one for Silksong, indicating a potential release in the near future.

As fans eagerly await more information on Hollow Knight: Silksong, it is crucial to exercise caution and avoid rampant speculation. Typically, a game receives its final rating towards the end of its development cycle, indicating an imminent launch. If the ESRB rating included in the Xbox Store listing is accurate, it suggests that the release of Silksong may be closer than expected. With Team Cherry yet to provide an official statement on the listing, fans are advised to stay tuned for updates and announcements directly from the developers. Until then, the anticipation for Hollow Knight: Silksong continues to grow among the gaming community.


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