Modders MerseyRockoff and glassfish77 have recently brought back to life a series of boat racing quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. These quests, originally scrapped from the game, have been meticulously recreated by the modders, using resources found in the game files. From conversations to journal entries, every aspect of these quests has been faithfully restored, allowing players to experience what could have been a part of the original game.

The restored boat racing quests take players on a thrilling journey through Novigrad and Redania, with four tournaments to compete in. While the boats in The Witcher 3 may not have been the most exciting aspect of the game, the added quests provide ample opportunities for engaging conversations and interactions between characters. This mod opens up a new dimension to the game, offering players a fresh experience within the familiar world of The Witcher.

Uncovering Hidden Gems

The discovery of these cut content quests is just one of many breakthroughs made by the modding community since the release of the REDKit modding tool. Recently, modders unearthed a significant portion of the game’s ending that was left on the cutting room floor. This included a scene involving Yennefer betraying the Lodge Of Sorceresses, hinting at the complex and intricate storytelling that was once in development for The Witcher 3.

As modders continue to delve into the depths of The Witcher 3’s files, there is a sense of anticipation for what other hidden treasures may be waiting to be uncovered. While some concepts, like ice skating swordfights, may have been abandoned during development, there is a curiosity surrounding how these elements could have altered the game’s narrative. Despite the challenges of introducing new systems late in the game’s development, the allure of exploring these “wonky” ideas remains strong.

With the modding community pushing the boundaries of what is possible within The Witcher 3, it is clear that the game’s legacy will continue to evolve. Whether it’s through the resurrection of cut content or the introduction of entirely new gameplay mechanics, modders are reshaping the way players experience this beloved RPG. As we await the next wave of mods and discoveries, one thing is certain – The Witcher 3’s world is far from finished expanding.


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