The once formidable planet of Malevelon Creek in Helldivers 2 has succumbed to the relentless attacks of the robotic forces. Described by players as “space Vietnam,” this Automaton-controlled planet has proven to be a challenging battlefield with some of the toughest missions in the game. Despite the efforts of Super Earth’s finest soldiers, Malevelon Creek was completely overrun by the Automatons on February 27, marking a devastating loss for the players.

A full retreat order was issued to Helldivers 2 players on Malevelon Creek, a rare occurrence that caught many by surprise. The sight of players being forced to retreat from a mission highlights the severity of the situation on the planet. The shock and disappointment among the player community is evident, emphasizing the gravity of the defeat.

Amidst the bleak news of Malevelon Creek’s fall, there is a ray of hope in the liberation of Mort, situated in the same galaxy as the fallen planet. The irony of Mort translating to “death” in French has brought some humor to players in the midst of adversity. The successful liberation of Mort serves as a reminder that victory is possible, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Despite the initial defeat, the fightback against the Automaton forces on Malevelon Creek has commenced. Players have managed to wrestle a small portion of the planet back from Automaton control, signaling the beginning of a new offensive. With over 7,000 Helldivers currently engaged in the battle, the determination to reclaim Malevelon Creek is palpable. The resilience of the players in the face of defeat speaks volumes about their commitment to the cause.

The road to fully liberating Malevelon Creek is fraught with challenges, as indicated by the mere 0.02170% liberation progress so far. The uphill battle against the robotic forces will test the players’ patience and perseverance. While the task may seem daunting, the resolve to retake the planet remains unwavering. The coming days will reveal whether the Helldivers 2 players can sustain the momentum and achieve their ultimate goal of freeing Malevelon Creek from the clutches of the Automatons.


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